The Grow Wizard

is a full service hydroponic garden center serving the Greater Cleveland Area and beyond. We have a wide selection of more than 10,000 indoor hydroponic garden supplies, including lights, filters, fans, nutrients, cloning needs and pest removal products.

The Grow Wizard

provides discrete, knowledgeable service. With more than a decade of experience, there isn't a grow question we can't answer or grow need we can't meet. We work as certified dealers with top names in the industry like Hydro Farm and Sunlight Supply to ensure that you're getting the very best. If you need to grow it, we can help!

The Grow Wizard

is a Family owned and operated business that strives to be the cheapest hydroponic supply store in town. We are happy to price match to live up to that standard. Come See Us Today! We are conveniently located in Cleveland with easy highway access to I-90, 480 and 71.

Advanced Nutrients Dealer of the Month April 2008

Victoria Jones, Owner of The Grow Wizard located in Cleveland,Ohio. We caught up with Victoria on a wintry morning in Cleveland. Outside, there was a good amount of snow from a recent storm, which is a reminder of why Victoria got into hydroponics retailing over five years ago.

She owned and still owns a boat repair business. But obviously, this is an extremely seasonal business. In looking around for a business that would provide wintertime sales, she discovered hydroponics.

The store turned out to be highly successful, not just for winter sales, but also provides year round profits.

It is housed in a building with nearly 14,000 square feet of retail and warehouse space. This enables Victoria to carry a full inventory of Advanced Nutrients along with a variety of other hydroponics supplies. As a result, The Grow Wizard is able to position itself as a full service hydroponics garden center.

In order to demonstrate the products she sells, the store has two self-contained aero gardens, an orchid growing area and a hospital for sick plants. When talking with her, the hospital was currently filled with small trees being nursed back to health. To accomplish this Victoria uses Revive and a lot of tender care.

Part of The Grow Wizard's growth and popularity in the Cleveland area is due to Victoria's community service activities. She encourages school children to visit her store when they have a science projects involving plant growth or similar assignments. She takes time with these children, many of whom have never experienced the joy and wonder of growing plants. And she also donates all the supplies and materials that are needed.

Although Victoria dose this because she enjoys working with the children, she also recognizes that community involvement pays dividends. Children love the "Wizard", and spread the word to parents and others. But Victoria's real pay-back is seeing the delight the children take in performing hands on growing experiments. Anything else is simply a bonus.

Because of customer demand. The Grow Wizard took on the Advanced Nutrients line about a year ago. It has since generated a noticeable increase in traffic. "People come into the store knowing exactly what Advanced Nutrients products they need and want," Victoria commented.

The Grow Wizard

web site provides a classic example of how to successfully use the internet. www.thegrowwizard.net it provides hydroponicseducation, directions to the store, store hours and opportunity for customers to shop before visiting the store. The web site also generates a significant number of on-line sales. When Victoria opened the store, there was no other competition in the area. However, since then, another store has opened about five miles away. Because Victoria is well aware of the importance of customer relations, she has felt no impact from the competition. She makes certain customers receive friendly service and the best advice possible. They grow to trust the guidance they receive and keep returning for more products and advice.