RAPTOR REFLECTOR 8 inch air cooler                               

     SIZE MATTERS! Hydrofarm's Raptor reflectors were designed with our customers' needs in  mind.      bigger, broader, brighter light coverage... our engineers designed it. Maximum air cooling with built-in flanges. Comes complete with cord set,  hinged frame,

        tempered  glass, and wired hangers

      • BRIGHT – Full four-sided specular 95% reflective European hammertone interior

     • BEST IN CLASS – Engineered design delivers optimum light efficiency

     • STRONGER & MORE DURABLE – Multi-point reinforced pre-galvanized steel construction and corrosion-proof electro coating

    • Tempered, sealed glass lens

    • Fully gasketed and sealed for effective heat isolation and cooling

   • Built-in aerodynamic socket, instructions, and hanging hardware



Radiant 8 inch Vertical Air Cooled Reflector with Lens

For an intense downward light column, the RD8VAC is your best choice for performance and value. Fully designed and engineered in the USA to provide the best combination of intensity and distribution over a 4'x4' area, the Radiant V also efficiently cools the lamp chamber without sacrificing any reflectivity. Manufactured with 95% reflective aluminum in a durable powder-coated outer enclosure, this CSA/UL rated reflector from Hydrofarm is the way to go for direct, downward light applications.

• Vertical lamp optimizes downward light delivery
• Multi-faceted design provides superior uniformity, maximum output, and top performance
• 95% reflective European hammertone aluminum
• Specially designed airfoils provide optimum cooling with minimal airflow restriction
• Integrated hanger/handle
• Low profile integrated lamp cord
• Pre-galvanized powder coated body for durability, strength, and longevity
• Completely sealed, hinged, and latched lens system

Xtrasun Reflector - Air CoolableSKU:XT1AC

The Xtrasun series offers excellent performance at a cost-effective price. This reflector is solidly built, compatible with all Hydrofarm or Xtrasun ballasts, and priced to fit any budget.


Bright and broad spread of light
Fully air-coolable with optional flanges (LGCKT2)
Highly-reflective European specular aluminum
Low-profile design
Attached cord set pre-installed
Super value
Color packaging
CSA certified

Accepts: Sodium 250, 400, 430, 600, 750, 1000 - Halide 250, 400, 600, 1000

Reflector size: 8"H x 21"W x 19-1/4"L

Sun Star® 6 in Air-Cooled Reflector

Completely sealed with double gasketed glass for an air-tight seal. Swing Stop® retention cable keeps glass from abruptly swinging down. 6 in integrated air-cooled fittings with bead ring. Powder-coated galvanized steel housing. Made with highly reflective textured aluminum. Includes socket and 15 ft lamp cord.

Overall Dimensions: 24.1L x 12.8W x 8.4H
Glass Frame Dimensions: 18.9L x 12.8W

Yield Master® 6 in & 8 in Air-Cooled Reflectors

Completely sealed featuring hinged glass and double gasket for an air-tight seal. Includes tempered glass, built-in socket and 15 ft lamp cord. Highly reflective aluminum interior for excellent reflectivity and diffusion. Swing Stop® retention cable keeps glass from abruptly swinging down. Captured thumb screws & closure mechanism for ease of use and excellent sealing. Air-cooling flanges have a bead ring to keep ducting securely in place. Powder-coated galvanized steel housing. US Patents: D698,628, D543,652, D613,900.
Overall Dimensions: 25L x 23.9W x 9.6H
Glass Frame Dimensions: 20.3L x 23.9W

RETAIL PRICE    6 inch   $112.95

                            8 inch   $121.95



                      RETAIL PRICE $90.95


​SUNSYSTEM 315 Watt - LEC 315 Grow Light Reflector Kit


Enjoy a plentiful crop when you purchase the all-in-one Sun System 906209 grow light! Its advanced light-emitting ceramic (LEC) technology makes this lamp ready to use in small spaces, and the cool white color temperature delivers a light spectrum your plants need during their vegetative stage.

Very high 1.95 PPF (photosynthetic photon flux) per second, so plants receive more usable light
Connect up to 3 fixtures with the included daisy chain
Blue-spectrum light mimics summer sunlight
Philips CDM-T Elite 315 Agro lamp included
Long-lasting Philips ballast included

                RETAIL PRICE $239.95

                   RETAIL PRICE $200.00              



RETAIL PRICE 6 inch $112.95

                         8 inch $121.95

                         ​Retail Price  $500.00

              RETAIL PRICE $79.95